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Sylvan Avenue Takes the Worldwide Kindness Challenge

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Sylvan Avenue Elementary School Students thumbnail240686

Students enrolled at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School know what kindness feels like. The school took the worldwide Kindness Challenge, along with 36 thousand schools and 19 million students worldwide.

During the week of Jan. 23-27, the students checked off on a list the many acts of kindness they performed, such as holding the door for someone, smiling at 25 people, including a peer at recess, etc. They also filled out compliments on heart-shaped construction paper. Additionally, the third grade peer leaders collected school donations for Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center.

During an assembly to introduce the program, social worker Sarah Post told the students, “One quick moment of kindness can make you feel so good.”

Date Added: 1/30/2023

Brain Training Art Lesson

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Two students holding up their artwork thumbnail240210
Fifth grade students at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School learned from guest illustrator David O. Miller that art takes place in the brain and that they can train themselves to see and think an image while training their hand to draw. 

“You have to see something before you draw it,” Mr. Miller said. 

“The idea class,” as Mr. Miller called it, demonstrated how to draw their ideas on a blank page using art’s five shapes (sphere, cone, cube, pyramid and cylinder) and to blend the shapes to make a cartoon character. Mr. Miller explained that the students had to think in 3D instead, to rid themselves of flat images and that constant erasing of their mistakes does not let the flow of art happen on a page. 

While drawing with Mr. Miller, the students successfully created their own alien characters and took away a wealth of information they can use forever. 

Date Added: 1/20/2023

A Wish for a Good Cause

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Sylvan Avenue students mailed their letters to Santa in a special mailbox at the front entrance as part of the school’s annual participation in the Make a Wish Foundation fundraiser. It is the 14th year the school has participated in this worthy cause.

First, students honed their letter-writing and artistic skills by crafting their letters with beautiful holiday decorations. The letters were then collected by Principal Alane Dugan and brought to Macy’s Department Store, which donates $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation for every letter received.

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Date Added: 12/27/2022

Santa’s Beard and Ugly Sweaters

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First grade students in Ms. Law’s and Ms. Miller’s classes at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School in the Bayport-Blue Point School District are learning how a calendar is set up. During their count down for the holiday season, the students added one cotton ball to Santa’s beard each day on their personal calendars to count the days until the holiday break. 

Additionally, speech pathologist Ms. Katz has been teaching Sylvan Avenue students about the history of the ugly Christmas sweater. Students volunteered to make ugly Christmas sweater ornaments to hang on a tree in Ms. Katz’s office to celebrate the holidays. The school also honored the tradition of wearing their own gaudy Christmas sweaters. 

Date Added: 12/21/2022

Giving Through Art and Writing

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Sylvan Avenue students combined their art and writing skills to make a difference in the community. 

Under the direction of social worker Sarah Post, third grade students decorated cards to be sent to senior citizens in the community as part of National Giving Month. The students first talked about the act of giving and participated in a Reader’s Theater on Shel Silverstein’s “Giving Tree.” In the spirit of giving, they then designed and decorated cards with message of cheer. 

Pre-kindergarten students also partnered with fifth graders to create a Helping Hands Holiday Tree. The older students partnered with the pre-K students to trace their own hands and their pre-K partners’ hands, which were then cut out and decorated with glitter. The hands were then collected and displayed in the shape of a tree, displayed in the pre-K hallways. 

Pre-K teacher Ms. Ventimiglia said the Helping Hands Holiday Tree activity was an opportunity for the students the help each other and to spread kindness. 

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Date Added: 12/12/2022

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