Why Us

High Quality Programs

High-quality educational programs for our students by identifying operational and programmatic efficiencies and additional revenue sources.

Safe Environment

A setting that is a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning community.

Academic Pathways

Academic preparation, learning experiences, and guidance necessary to take advantage of the various pathways including career and technical education.

Community Connections

Continuously enhance supportive relationships and interactions amongst the various members of our community.



Congratulations to George Rose, the #BBP 2024 Valedictorian!

- 2024 Valedictorian


Congratulations to Faith DiBiase, the #BBP 2024 Salutatorian!

- 2024 Salutatorian

BBP HS Highlight

Meet Mrs. Pintar and Mrs. Kelly of #BBP High School!

- BBP High School Highlight