Annual Professional Performance Review Plan

This area of the website contains all information regarding APPR for the Bayport-Blue Point School District.

If you would like to access our APPR Plan for the current school year, please click “Approved APPR Plan”.

Parents who wish to gain information on how to access the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for their child’s teacher(s) and the  principal of their child’s school building , please click “Notice to Parents Regarding APPR Scores.”

Notice to Parents/Guardians Regarding APPR Scores

Education Law section 3012-c(10)(b) provides for the release of APPR scores to parents and legal guardians for their child’s present school year teacher(s) and principal.  Only the overall composite effectiveness score (0-100 point score) and final quality rating (Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, or Ineffective - HEDI) will be provided.

Procedures for Parent Request:

  • Submit the request utilizing the form (via link/attachment on web page) to the appropriate person. These forms are also available at the District’s main office. Separate forms must be completed for each child.

  • Once the form is received, an appointment will be scheduled. Information will only be provided to parents and legal guardians in person at the school (for teacher APPR information) or at district office (for principal APPR information).  If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, please contact Dr. Hearney’s office at 631-472-7800 ext. 8011.

  • Photo Identification is required, and other identity verification may be required as determined by the District. If you have any questions or about the identification, please contact Dr. Hearney’s office at 631-472-7800 ext. 8011.

  • Please see the following document and the district’s APPR Plan posted on the website under “District Information” for a more in-depth explanation of the APPR scoring process.