Board of Education Vision for Success

Student Performance

The Board of Education will seek continuous improvement in student academic achievement and opportunities for career success, while remaining mindful of the role that student social and emotional health plays in achieving that goal.


The Board of Education will respect the substantial financial contribution that the community and the state makes to the operations of the district by ensuring that tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, and by setting tax levies that are sensitive to local economic realities.


The Board of Education will operate in a manner that is transparent and responsive to the community. It will provide ample opportunity to the community to express its opinions and its concerns, and those opinions and concerns will receive appropriate and reliable follow- up. Any information requested by the community will be made available promptly and in accordance with state law.


The Board of Education recognizes that the board and the superintendent are part of a governance team that requires a collaborative spirit in order to be successful. The Board of Education will respect the superintendent’s role as the educational leader of the district and the superintendent will respect the board’s policymaking and oversight roles. Board members will listen with care to the advice and the information that the superintendent provides and will, in turn, make clear what they expect. Through effective communication,  board members, who know the community’s values and its needs, will assist the superintendent to shape the schools to meet those needs.

The actions of the school board and the superintendent should provide the public and the staff with confidence that the management of the district is professional, fair, and consistent with the students’ educational needs and the community’s desires and aspirations.