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Start with Hello!

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Start with Hello! thumbnail199339
Blue Point Elementary students are learning skills they need to continue a school culture of inclusion and connectedness. During the week of Sept. 20-24, the school celebrated Start with Hello Week, which encouraged the student community to reach out and include peers who may be dealing with social isolation and to support the Sandy Hook community.

On Monday, students wore green clothing and were greeted by fifth grade students as they entered the school. Called Hey Day, every adult and student in the building wore name tags on Tuesday to encourage others to say “hey!” Midweek, students and faculty discussed the concept of social isolation, where it happens and how they think it feels to be socially isolated. They also illustrated a cartoon of someone who is socially isolated and how they can reach out and help. A Readers Theater also provided students with the opportunity to read a short play about isolation and to answer comprehensive questions to start a discussion with their teacher. On Friday, the students reflected on the lessons they learned and the ways in which they can prevent social isolation on the playground and in the school building.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle