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Award-Winning Science Projects

Award-Winning Science Projects photo
Sylvan Avenue Elementary School fifth-grade student Alyssa Ayerle and third-grader Brennan Cole received honorable mention designations at this year’s Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair competition. 

Alyssa’s project, titled “Will the fish be affected?” utilized a small fan in a fish tank to mimic wind turbines placed in local ecosystems to see if their usage negatively effects the sea life residing there. 

Brennan’s project, “Shhh…It’s a secret,” tested different cleaning solutions, such as dish soap and laundry detergent to see which was the most effective at cleaning. Additionally, he created his own dish soap to further enhance the possible outcomes of his project. 

Assisting the ALS Ride for Life Foundation

Assisting the ALS Ride for Life Foundation photo

Hundreds of administrators, staff and students from Bayport-Blue Point High School recently lined Snedecor Avenue in Bayport to show overwhelming support for Chris Pendergast and the ALS Ride for Life Foundation as they honorably paraded throughout the community.

Thanks to the efforts of high school English teacher Erin McKay, Mr. Pendergast and the ALS Ride of Life Foundation were invited to ride their way along the front of the school building as the hundreds of spectators cheered him on. 

To help raise funding to support research efforts for a cure for ALS, the high school student government rallied their peers to help raise $250 for the nonprofit organization.   

ALS Ride for life was founded in 1997 by Pendergast and his supporters. Each May, during ALS Awareness Month, those diagnosed with ALS ride their power wheelchairs across Long Island to Manhattan in order to raise awareness of the disease, which currently has no cure. 

Summa Cum Laude Students

Summa Cum Laude Students photo
Summa Cum Laude Students photo 2
Summa Cum Laude Students photo 3
Summa Cum Laude Students photo 4
Twenty-three Bayport-Blue Point High School seniors were named the Class of 2018 Summa Cum Laude cohort based on their high academic integrity and commitment to success, both in and out of the classroom. These students from the graduating Class of 2018 have attained a GPA of 96.5 or higher. 

The district congratulates Charlotte Beisel (American University), Shannon Conrad (High Point University), Hannah Duffield (University of Florida), Frank Giacchetto (Boston College), Haley Giuliano (Siena College), Lianna Gualberti (Stony Brook University), Ciara Joseph (Stony Brook University), Ryan Lawrence (Boston University), Ben Marantz (Stony Brook University), Joaquin Martinez Sabag (Calvin College), Angelina Mazzei (Boston College), Melanie McGuire (SUNY Geneseo), Kevin Mischo (SUNY New Paltz), Timothy Niblock (High Point University), Benjamin Papa (Vassar College), Jaime Petersen (University of Tampa), Kevin Polanish (Princeton University), Margaret Ross (Stony Brook University), Ava Snyder (St. Joseph’s College), Christian Strain (SUNY Polytechnic Institute), Derek Strine (Western Connecticut State University), Cassidy Weeks (Boston College) and Courtney Weeks (Boston College).

Poetry Power

Poetry Power  Pic
Poetry Power  Pic 2
Renowned children’s poet/author Darren Sardelli recently met with all students at Blue Point Elementary School for an informative literacy-themed assembly, sharing important tips and tricks on how to have fun with writing along the way.

Mr. Sardelli first addressed the students by asking if they were familiar with the works of both Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, to which they happily responded that they were. Additionally, he shared original lines of poetry with the students, all of which featured lines which were both creative and humorous, and encouraged the students to write their own poems when an idea struck them. 

“Write down your ideas, save ideas and do something special with your favorite idea,” said Mr. Sardelli.

At the conclusion of his presentation, students were invited into the school’s library for a workshop session in which they created original stories and poems with assistance from Mr. Sardelli. 

Mr. Sardelli is the author of the popular children’s book “Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie,” and has had his poems published in a number of other of children’s poetry collections. 

Going Green for ‘Earth Week’

Going Green for ‘Earth Week’

Staff and students at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently celebrated Earth Day with a weeklong celebration of activities geared toward preserving the planet.

During Earth Week, the students took part in eco-friendly events such as turning off the lights for an hour at a time to save electricity, walking/biking to school and eating school lunches which would not result in waste when finished. 

Best Community for Music Education

Best Community for Music Education Pic
The district has once again been honored with the Best Communities for Music Education designation from The NAMM Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education.  

This honor is awarded to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. To qualify for the designation, Bayport-Blue Point completed a thorough application process detailing various aspects of the program.

“It is such an honor to receive this designation for the past six consecutive years,” said District Chairperson for Art and Music Paul Weber. “We value the support we receive from the community, Board of Education, and district administration.”

Citizenship Day

Citizenship Day pic

Peer Education Program Promotes Kindness

Peer Education Program Promotes Kindness photo
Peer Education Program Promotes Kindness photo 2
Peer Education Program Promotes Kindness photo 3
The Bayport-Blue Point High School recently celebrated Peer Education Program Day, as members of the school organization visited various English and social studies classes throughout the building to share a lesson focusing on the power of connection and healthy communication.

While visiting the classrooms, the students spoke about forging friendships and promoted antibullying techniques. Additionally, they shared tactics on how each of their classmates could learn to be an “upstander,” the person who assists another, as opposed to just being a bystander. 

Before concluding their lesson, students took part in an activity with assistance from John Martin, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services senior public health educator. During the initiative, participants formed a circle and offered a compliment to the person to their right. 

Student of the Month

Student of the Month photo
Bayport-Blue Point High School senior Danielle Keenan was named a Student of the Month for the month of April by the Sayville Rotary Club based on her incredible work ethic and commitment to academics. 

“Danielle is one of the hardest working students I have ever known in almost a decade and a half of teaching,” said Bayport-Blue Point High School English teacher Stephanie Eberhard. “No matter what obstacles she must overcome, she consistently produces high level work.”

Rock the Bald 2018


An Evening of Accomplishments

An Evening of Accomplishments photo
An Evening of Accomplishments photo 2
An Evening of Accomplishments photo 3
The Bayport-Blue Point School District celebrated the accomplishments of both staff and students during the April 10 Board of Education meeting. 

To begin the night’s celebrations, Bayport-Blue Point Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney announced that Academy Street Elementary School psychologist Sebastien Saylor was chosen as February’s Teacher of the Month, and he expressed his gratitude toward Mr. Saylor’s services to the district. 

Additionally, student-participants of this year’s “Phantom Challenge” event were on hand to receive praise from the Board of Education for their public speaking skills and ability to pitch their own invention to school staff and administrators. The Board congratulated James Wilson Young Middle School students Taylor DiBiase and Maggie Yost (first place) Caroline Lewkowicz and Erin Wuestmann (second place) and Shaun Murphy (third place) as well as Bayport-Blue Point High School students Margaret Ross (first place) Shannon Conrad and Kevin Polanish (second place) and Elizabeth Auwaerter (third place). 

The James Wilson Young Middle School Science Olympiad Team was also honored for qualifying to compete in the Science Olympiad State Tournament held in Syracuse, New York along with advisers Robert Donarummo and Erick Muller. During their highly successful trip, the team secured four medals in the categories “Write It, Do It,” “Wright Stuff,” “Battery Buggy” and “Quiz Bowl.”

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Day

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Day photo

Members of Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peer Education Program recently welcomed a group of students from Amityville High School for a Cultural Exchange event, held at the Bayport-Blue Point High School on April 10.

After being welcomed to the school with a stunning display of musical talent courtesy of the Bayport-Blue Point High School chamber orchestra, the Amityville High School students greeted their friends with smiles on their faces.

The purpose of the Cultural Exchange program is to build new friendships and create bonds between students from different school districts. This was the second time that both Amityville High School and Bayport-Blue Point High School participated in the event this school year, with the first event taking place this past fall.
After a complimentary breakfast, the students took part in a series of icebreaker activities with assistance from Suffolk County Health Department Representative John Martin, who helped develop the BBP program with high school psychologist Dayna Russo. 

“The Cultural Diversity Day is beneficial in many ways, as it allows students to experience and challenge their assumptions and judgments about other districts and students,” said Mrs. Russo. “It also creates connections between students who may have never had the opportunity to meet, simply because of where they live. Each school has a culture that could be misunderstood by an outsider and it is an important piece in transitioning from high school to adult life to take the time to understand others before judgement. This year, witnessing the students connect, recognize, evaluate, and talk about the differences between their schools and cultures was empowering to watch.”

Before leaving for the day, each Amityville student was paired up with a Bayport-Blue Point student and attended several classes together. 

Exploring Magnificent Marine Ecosystems

Exploring Magnificent Marine Ecosystems photo

Third-grade classes at Blue Point Elementary School were recently paid a visit by Bayport-Blue Point High School alumna and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County marine scientist/educator Alexandra Stevens for a hands-on look into various marine ecosystems.

In tandem with the third-grade science curriculum, Alexandra discussed factors of different marine ecosystems, specifically the local ecosystems on Long Island. Using samples in the classroom, the students explored coastal, salt marsh, and sandy beach ecosystems by comparing those ecosystems to the deep sea and polar environments. 

The students also enjoyed viewing and interacting with local sea creatures found in the salt marshes and beaches, including snails, shellfish, crabs and sea stars, to name a few.

Successes in the Spanish Language

Successes in the Spanish Language photo
Successes in the Spanish Language photo 2
Successes in the Spanish Language photo 3
Successes in the Spanish Language photo 4
In an effort to help students build multilingual skills, fifth-graders at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were recently visited by Bayport-Blue Point High School students from Melanie Vieira’s and Kerri McGuire’s Spanish 4 and 5 classes for a “Cultural Breakfast and Book Exchange,” an initiative sponsored by the SEED foundation. 

Throughout the course of the event, the fifth-graders were given the opportunity to showcase the books they made in their Spanish classes, and explain to the upperclassmen fun facts about themselves using the Spanish language. Additionally, a large feast was prepared for the students, and they were asked to place their order for such items as empanadas and mango nectar while using their newly adopted language skills. 

The exchange served as the conclusion of the Spanish portion of the Foreign Language Experience Program at Sylvan Elementary, which begins in grade 3 and continues through grade 5. 

“Our district is one of only a handful that offers an elementary level second language program,” said ESL/world languages teacher Sally Miller. “Not only is it beneficial for students, but they highly enjoy taking part in it as well.”

Both Academy Street Elementary School and Blue Point Elementary School hosted a similar event to this in December 2017. 

Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month photo
The March 20 Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education meeting celebrated the recognition of Blue Point Elementary School kindergarten teacher Megan Leigh-Manuell as Teacher of the Month. 

“In her quiet and humble way, this teacher always goes above and beyond the boundaries of her duties and responsibilities,” said Blue Point Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Sandy Swan. “In addition, this teacher’s work ethic is truly admirable. We all know that it takes a very special person to be a kindergarten teacher, especially with the amount of heart and patience that she has. She has a wonderful rapport with her students and families, ensuring them that they are in safe, capable and nurturing hands as they begin their elementary journeys.”

A “Visit” to the Rainforest

A “Visit” to the Rainforest photo

In conjunction with their studies on the beauty and depth of the world’s rainforests, fifth-grade students at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were visited by Eric Powers, a representative of the Your Connection to Nature program.

During the presentation, Mr. Powers provided an in-depth look into the importance of rainforests, which included a close-up look into the lives of the forests’ daily inhabitants. 

He not only highlighted the wildlife of the rainforest, but also the multiple layers which make up their homes, including the emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. Additionally, the students were able to observe and interact with some real-life animals, such as the Vietnamese stick insect, a tarantula and the red-tailed boa constrictor.

Superior Writing Skills

Superior Writing Skills photo
The Bayport-Blue Point School District would like to congratulate three fifth-graders from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School for being named finalists in the Patchogue Elks Club annual essay contest.

As part of their social studies curriculum, the entire fifth grade wrote essays this past January surrounding the topic “Our Veterans, Our Heroes.” As a result of their entries, Kaelyn Walsh, Nicolette Diemer and Madison Philipson were named the first-place winner, first runner-up and third-place winner, respectively.

These students received a certificate from representatives of the Patchogue Elks Club, along with small tokens of appreciation for their efforts. 
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