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Celebrating Friendship and Traditions

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Sylvan Avenue Elementary School first grade students donned Pilgrim hats and Native American “deerskin” attire as they celebrated Thanksgiving, friendship and community in Charlie Brown fashion. 

The students sat together for a “dinner” of popcorn, pretzels, jellybeans and toast in the hallways of Sylvan Avenue. Celebrating their friendship and what they are thankful for, the students enjoyed their feasts on placemats they had created and looked forward to the start of the holiday season. 

Reading Detectives at Academy

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Academy Street Elementary School first graders have been busy learning strategies to solve mystery words that they discover when reading. In connection with this learning, a special visitor recently stopped by to praise them for their work. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney visited the building and revealed to the students that, in addition to helping to run the district, he also works as Agent X, the head of the Super-Secret Detective Agency. During his visit, he led the students in reading an oath and inducted them into the reading agency. Each student then received a certificate and a “top secret detective notebook” to keep track of the mystery words as they read. 

Exploring Career Options

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Blue Point Elementary School students got a jump-start on their futures as they took part in this November’s annual Career Day. 

For the event, the students dressed up in the style of the profession they aspired to pursue one day. Throughout the day, parents of the students visited the classrooms to explain the role of their jobs and how important a quality education is in achieving one’s dreams.

Students Inducted into National Junior Honor Society

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In recognition of their academic achievements, 62 students were recently inducted into the James Wilson Young Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. 

During the induction ceremony, the students listened to inspiring speeches from Douglas McDonough and Maddie Kirby, the respective president and vice president of Bayport-Blue Point High School’s National Honor Society chapter. They also enjoyed several musical interludes and current members shared the five pillars of the National Junior Honor Society through a traditional candle-lighting ceremony. Before concluding, each inductee was presented with their official certificate of membership and took the NJHS pledge of oath. 
Special thanks to the school’s PTA, who provided refreshments for all after the ceremony. 

Hop on board ‘The Energy Bus’

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The Bayport-Blue Point School District community showed it was all aboard “The Energy Bus” as it hosted a Book Club night about the social-emotional learning initiative in the library of the James Wilson Young Middle School on the evening of Nov. 20.

The district has jumped on board with the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey, an initiative that focuses on ways to bring ideas to students, motivating them to live a more positive life and cultivate a sense of leadership within their school community. The Energy Bus program is based on Jon Gordon’s books “The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy” and “The Energy Bus for Kids: A Story about Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges.” Bayport-Blue Point School District will be the first district in New York State to be officially certified. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney welcomed students, staff and parents to the book talk. He spoke briefly about the seven principles the district is adopting and some of the initiatives done at the schools so far this school year. The high school students are creating a video about the principles, while the middle school students have been discussing the topics during the advisory periods. 

After having embraced the book and its principles during their season last year, the members of the girls varsity lacrosse team were invited to the book talk to share their ideas. Each table had their own open discussion about the books and their thoughts on it. Following the book discussion, the guests had a Zoom session with one of the leaders of “The Energy Bus” movement. 

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