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Board of Education Business Meeting Public Notice - December 18, 2018


Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange
Cultural Exchange2
Cultural Exchange3
Twenty-eight students enrolled in Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peer Education Program met with their friends in the Amityville High School Warrior Awareness Club in mid-November for some fun and friendly activities. 

The purpose of the Cultural Diversity event is to build new friendships and create bonds between students from different school districts. During the 2018-19 academic school year, both clubs will meet twice a year in order to continue to forge strong relationships and engage in positive team-building activities. 

After a complimentary breakfast, the students took part in a series of icebreaker activities to enable the groups to finding similar interests.  Each Bayport-Blue Point student was then paired up with an Amityville student and they attended classes together throughout the day before coming together again for a pizza lunch. Bayport-Blue Point High School will host Amityville High School in the spring for the second part of this biennial event.  

Building Snowmen for the Holiday Season

Building Snowmen for the Holiday Season

In celebration of the holiday season, first-graders from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School collaborated with James Wilson Young Middle School students in the James Wilson Young Middle School’s technology room for a festive woodworking project.

To begin the project, the middle school students used their measuring skills to line up the height of their first-grade partners next to a large slab of wood. With the proper safety gear and precautions equipped, the students then received assistance from technology instructors Robert Donarummo and Iain Zambri as they cut the wood in the marked location based on the students’ height. The students then worked together to apply a thin layer of white paint to all surfaces of the wood.

With their completed wood planks on hand, the first-grade students are going to build a large snowman which will be displayed in the lobby of Sylvan Avenue Elementary School later on this month. 

Awesome Athletes

Awesome Athletes photo

Due to their unwavering commitments both in the classroom and on the athletic field, eight Bayport-Blue Point High School student-athletes recently committed to attending some of the nation’s premier colleges and universities this fall and participating in the schools’ athletic programs.

The district congratulates Joanna Coreno (Sacred Heart University /equestrian), Aaron Feldman (Dominican College/lacrosse), Madison Grazidei (University of Massachusetts Lowell/lacrosse), Carli LoNigro (Mercy College/soccer), Vincent Orlando (Hobart College/lacrosse), Meg Pickel (Stony Brook University/lacrosse), James Ringer (Rutgers University/lacrosse) and Shane Santora (Towson University/lacrosse).

VIDEO: Bat Cave


Awesome Authors

Awesome Authors photo

As part of their robust literacy curriculum, fourth-grade students from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently showcased their beautifully written realistic fiction stories with one special adult guest. The students were instructed to construct their stories with the goal in mind of portraying some sort of trouble, how it escalated and what their character did to ultimately solve their problem in a responsible manner.

A New Library Experience

A New Library Experience photo

In accordance with the district’s approved bond project, students at James Wilson Young Middle School are now able to enjoy conducting their studies in the new and improved school library.

The renovated space includes a full computer lab, a lounge session featuring comfortable chairs and pieces of furniture, a lecture area spacious enough to accommodate two full classes and private study rooms. 

With these new pieces of technology and spaces at their disposal, the students are engaging in a whole new realm of collaborative efforts on a daily basis. Expanding upon the traditional school library setting, the new space at James Wilson Young Middle School also mimics elements of a 21st-century classroom, where students have daily access to media centers in order to complete their schoolwork in a timely fashion.

According to James Wilson Young Middle School Principal Robert Haas, the students enjoy engaging with their classmates in the new space, and are very thankful for their renovated library space.

An Evening of Recognitions

An Evening of Recognitions photo
An Evening of Recognitions photo 2
An Evening of Recognitions photo 3
The district celebrated a number of accomplishments on both the student and staff level during the Nov. 13 board of education Meeting held in the cafeteria of Bayport-Blue Point High School. 

To begin the night’s recognitions, the Bayport-Blue Point High School students who were recognized as Advanced Placement Scholars by the College Board were called to the front of the room and presented with of tokens of appreciation for their accomplishments. The attending students consist of the 86 Bayport-Blue Point High School students who have earned Advanced Placement Scholar awards from the College Board, including both current students and members of the Class of 2018. 

Bayport-Blue Point High School science teacher Krista Peterson was recognized for recently being selected as one of 275 additional teachers throughout the state to participate in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New York State Master Teacher Program. Mrs. Peterson was met with words of praise from both Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney and Bayport-Blue Point High School Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi for her accomplishment. 

Blue Point Elementary School second-grade teacher Meghan Mills was named Teacher of the Month for the month of October as per nominations by her colleagues and principal. Ms. Mills is regarded as having her students strive to meet their goals and reach their full potential with her constant encouragement and support. She is known to be both generous and collaborative, always willing to assist and share ideas.  

Additionally, Academy Street Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Kimberly Rall was recognized as the district’s Teacher of the Month for the month of September, and was presented with a token of appreciation courtesy of the Board of Education. According to one of her colleagues at Academy, “Kim brings a sense of calm to her colleagues as well as her students. She inspires a love of learning for all, and is supportive and a team player.”

Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans photo

Staff and students from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently gathered in the school’s cafeteria to celebrate and honor the nation’s veterans in their annual Veterans Recognition Day assembly.

To begin the morning’s celebrations, Sylvan Avenue Elementary School Principal Alane Dugan addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for attending this special assembly before asking everyone to turn and face the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance. Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2913 were in attendance, and commander Dave Rogers engaged the students in a question and answer session surrounding the topic of servicemen and women. 

Long Island Office of Veteran Affairs Representative Karen Saffari spoke to students about her firsthand account as serving as a medic in the U.S. Army from 1997-2000. Mrs. Saffari invited students up to the stage to try on her military-grade rucksack, and demonstrated the usage of the entrenching tool she brought along to show the students. 

To the crowd’s surprise, America’s VetDogs beneficiary Hugh Riley surprised the students by bringing along the service-dog “Hoola,” who is trained to assist veterans with everyday tasks such as closing the refrigerator door and warning their owner about an oncoming medical issue.

Along with contributions from the Teacher’s Union, staff and students of Sylvan Avenue Elementary School raised $250 which will be donated to America’s VetDogs. Additionally, the students were able to raise approximately $550 which will directly benefit the Honor Flight Network.

The district would like to thank Sylvan Avenue Elementary School speech and language pathologists Laurie Katz and Christine Monahan for organizing this wonderful assembly.

During Academy Street Elementary School’s Veterans Day celebration, second-grade students led the school in the Pledge of Allegiance before inviting the fifth-graders to read pages from a book that taught students about the importance of Veterans Day.

Additionally, a handful of students were granted the opportunity to read the poem “Veterans Day.” As a sign of respect, five students volunteered to dress up as servicemen and women from each branch of United States Armed Forces: the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy.

After a slideshow presentation incorporating pictures of Academy Street students with their special veterans, second-grade teacher Christina Schroeder recognized the veterans in attendance with a special award and thanked them for their service. 

Joining the National Junior Honor Society

Joining the National Junior Honor Society photo

Earlier this month, James Wilson Young Middle School recognized the 59 members of the National Junior Honor Society during the school’s annual induction ceremony. The recognized students were joined by district administration, staff members and family in honor of their multiple academic and altruistic achievements.

During the course of the evening, students were provided with inspiring speeches from Bayport Blue Point High School's Honor Society President Michael Grogan, as well as Vice Presidents Parker Schug and Matt Nolan. 

National Junior Honor Society student-musicians filled the air with lovely music during the celebration, led by chorus teacher Adam Mazzaferro, orchestra teacher Carl Leichthammer and band teacher Matthew Hurst. Additionally, a musical solo was sung by National Junior Honor Society member Emily Denton. 

After the five pillars of the National Junior Honor Society were represented through a candlelighting ceremony, James Wilson Young Middle School Principal Robert Haas, along with Assistant Principal Nicole Cush, presented members with official certificates of membership. The evening concluded when members were formally inducted into the society through the official National Junior Honor Society pledge of oath, led by Mr. Haas.

After the ceremony, all in attendance were invited to the school’s lobby to enjoy food and refreshments as provided by the James Wilson Young Middle School Parent-Teacher Association. 

Donating to Veterans

Donating to Veterans photo

Students from Christina Schroeder’s second-grade class and Jaime Abran’s third-grade class at Academy Street Elementary School recently came together to gather essential food items in recognition of Veterans Day and those individuals who have sacrificed so much to serve the country. The students were kind enough to bring in a large number of nonperishables including pasta, stuffing, canned vegetables and various boxes of cereal. All items were donated to The Veteran’s Place of Yaphank.

Showing Appreciation for the Board of Education

Showing Appreciation for the Board of Education photo

In recognition of School Board Recognition week, students throughout the district recently showcased their admiration and appreciation for all that the Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education does for the community.

Student representatives, along with the principals of the majority of district educational buildings, were on hand to present the members of the Board of Education with delightful works of art featuring the signatures of all students from each respective building. 

Additionally, student-musicians from both the James Wilson Young Middle School and Bayport-Blue Point High School were on hand to dazzle the attendees with their unparalleled musical talents.

Celebrating Native American Culture

Celebrating Native American Culture photo

As an extension of their classroom lessons, fourth-grade students at Blue Point Elementary School were recently taken on an educational adventure into the rich history of Native American culture.

The presentations were brought to the school courtesy of representatives of the Long Island-based “Journeys into American Indian Territory” program. Classes were divided amongst different parts of the school, including an outdoor activity session, and a museum/hands-on demonstration in the classrooms pertaining to different traditional Native American customs.

During the museum portion of the day, Journeys into American Indian Territory Director Bob Vetter spoke about the tribes’ daily lives and gave students the opportunity to interact with genuine Iroquois and Algonquian artifacts. The students were informed that women of the tribe primarily gathered essential foods such as corn, beans and berries, while the men would hunt for meat with their go-to weapon, the spear. 

Growing Toward Success

Growing Toward Success photo
As an addition to their STEM-based education, students enrolled in Theresa Stevens’ and Kristen Rang’s third-grade class at Blue Point Elementary School have been working on their flourishing Tower Garden, a gift received from the school’s Parent Teacher Association.  

While spending time interacting and learning how to utilize the tall structure, students have been actively growing basil, kale, bok choy and more, all of which the students and staff are able to sample and incorporate into delicious salads.

Additionally, as a supplement to their mathematics curriculum, the students carefully record and measure the growth of their plants, keeping close track of the progress during the growing stages. 

According to Ms. Stevens, the ultimate goal of the Tower Garden is for the students to maintain optimal health and learn to make healthy food choices. 

Pumpkin Power

Pumpkin Power photo

In celebration of the fall season, students from Carrie Almskog’s fourth-grade class at Academy Street Elementary School recently utilized their skills spanning multiple academic subjects as they worked collaboratively on a pumpkin-themed activity.

With assistance from parent volunteers, the students rotated through five pumpkin-themed stations and worked together to measure their pumpkins’ physical properties, create an artistic interpretation and guess if the gourd was buoyant in water.   

At the final station, the students drew inspiration from the novel “James and the Giant Peach” to write a creative essay explaining what it would be like to explore the inside of a pumpkin. 

Bayport-Blue Point High School Students Keep Islip Clean

Bayport-Blue Point High School Students Keep Islip Clean photo
Bayport-Blue Point High School Students Keep Islip Clean photo 2
The district would like to congratulate Bayport-Blue Point High School students Marco Daidone and Sydney Baron for being inducted as junior commissioners into the local community service organization Keep Islip Clean.

Both Marco and Sydney were nominated to participate in the program due to their unwavering demonstration of environmental concern as well as social, civic and academic responsibility. They were officially inducted as junior commissioners to the program during a swearing in ceremony by the Islip Town Board.

KIC’s objective is to enable and encourage young citizens to play an active role in making Islip a cleaner and more beautiful place in which to live and instill in them a sense of pride and ownership for their community. The junior commissioners are selected from school districts within The Town of Islip and meet each month to exchange ideas, challenges and solutions with each other or complete a hands-on project. Many of these ideas are then implemented in the Bayport-Blue Point High School with assistance from Ecology Club members.

“Our congratulations and thanks go out to these two exemplary young people for working to make our community a more beautiful place,” said Bayport-Blue Point High School Science Teacher Amity Baum-Tuccillo.

Firefighters for the Day

Firefighters for the Day photo
Firefighters for the Day photo 2
Firefighters for the Day photo 3
In recognition of Fire Prevention Month, students from Blue Point Elementary School recently traveled across the street to the Blue Point Fire Department to step into the shoes of firefighters, as they learned about the daily routines of a firefighter and the importance of fire safety. 

Upon entering the firehouse, students attended a safety lesson and viewed a highly informational video. Additionally, they were told of the proper ways to extinguish a fire and reminded about the importance of making sure that smoke detectors batteries are changed every six months. 

Students were then led outside and offered a glimpse toward the tools firefighters use on a daily basis, including fire extinguishers, various types of axes and the jaws of life. They also climbed inside ladder trucks and were given the opportunity to enter the smoke house simulator, which further prepared them in the rare event that a fire breaks out in their own home. 

Visiting the Bob Venero Fitness Center

Visiting the Bob Venero Fitness Center photo
Visiting the Bob Venero Fitness Center photo 2
Visiting the Bob Venero Fitness Center photo 4
Visiting the Bob Venero Fitness Center photo 7
The Bayport-Blue Point High School recently unveiled the completed Bob Venero Fitness Center, a state-of-the-art fitness training facility which grants students access to dozens of cardio fitness tools such as exercise bikes, rowing machines and medicine balls in an effort to improve and maintain optimal physical health. 

In tandem with the newly renovated center, the students are now able to enjoy a spin class, taught by Bayport-Blue Point High School physical education teacher Tricia Livingston. Using the numerous available exercise bicycles, the students’ workouts are accompanied by a giant projector wall simulating cycling in the outdoors, along with an impressive sound system.

“The district is extremely grateful for the remarkable donation afforded to us by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Venero,” said Director of Physical Education, Health & Interscholastic Sports Timothy Mullins. “This contribution has morphed our Fitness Center into one of the most state-of-the-art facilities within a public-school setting. The new equipment has already positively impacted hundreds of students and athletes. Not only has this helped better prepare our athletes for competition, this upgraded venue has also transformed our physical education curriculum in a positive manner. Every high school student is now afforded an opportunity to partake in a healthy active lifestyle within a comfortable learning environment.”

Mr. Venero, a Bayport-Blue Point High School alumnus, is the CEO & founder of Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. 

Energy Performance Contract Vote Results

EPC Voting Results:
Yes: 385
No: 86

Thank you to the entire Bayport-Blue Point School District community for your participation in the special referendum for an Energy Performance Contract. With your support, the district will now be able to secure additional New York State building aid to support our efforts to create greener and more efficient schools.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle