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School Improvement Team

Mission Statement: To improve the educational performance of all students in school regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, sex, language background or disability and promote the ideals of the mission of the school district.

SIT Goals

    • To develop a character-education home-school connection
    • To publicize the availability of the Math Activities website as a way to promote math and ELA skills
    • To increase parent-school connection via e-mail correspondence
    • To increase student use of school district provided websites



    Alane L. Dugan (


    Eileen Culhane (

    Alyssa Malave (

    Primary Representative:

    Erin Miller (

    Intermediate Representative:
    Lori Mandracchia (

    Parent Representatives:
    Mrs. Silvestrini (

    Mrs. Costa Saliani (





    Bayport-Blue Point Eagle