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Parent Information

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Report an absence
To report your child's absence from school, please call Mrs. Lapp at 631-472-7840 ext. 3003. If you call outside of regular school hours, please leave the following information on the voicemail: student's name, grade, and teacher, day and date of absence, and reason for absence.

A parent/guardian must report his/her child's absence each day that the child is not in school. A written absence note signed by the parent/guradian must be sent to school the day the student returns to class.

Please note that the only reason for legal absence is illness of your child or a critical emergency in your family. All other absences are illegal. Illegal absences include family vacations while school is in session.

Accident, Emergencies & Special Health Needs

Please notify the school promptly of any changes in your address, telephone number, place of employment, doctor, names on your emergency lists, or special health needs. Updated information allows us to reach you quickly in the event of an emergency. If your child has an accident or becomes ill at school minimal first aid will be administered and parents will be notified utilizing the information on the student's emergency card. It is important to keep this information current and on file in the school office.
Student safety is the concern of everyone.

Conferences & Report Cards

Conferences for all students occur in December. Please consult the school calendar for specific dates. Additional conferences may be held throughout the year as necessary. Please contact your child’s teacher whenever you have questions or concerns.

Report cards are issued three times a year for students in all grades.

Student attire

Students are not permitted to wear hats during the school day. Students must wear sneakers on days they are scheduled for physical education classes.

Students are expected to be properly and appropriately attired for school each day. Students who wear clothing that interferes with instruction and/or distracts others from their work will be asked to call their parents to bring them a change of clothing.

In cooler weather, students should have jackets to wear outside for recess, and in warmer weather, students should avoid wearing flip flops and loose fitting sandals that become hazardous when playing outdoors.

Lost & Found

Parents are urged to label all coats, sweaters, backpacks and lunch boxes. Lost items are placed in the "Lost & Found" trunk in the cafetorium. Please remind your child to take home all personal belongings each day. Unclaimed items are given to charity at the end of the school year.

Lunch Program
A lunch program is provided each full day of school. Teachers take the lunch count at the beginning of the day. If you know your child is going to be late and will need to order a lunch, please call it into our office (472-7840) before school starts. Applications for free and reduced price lunches are available in the school office.

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