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Clubs and Programs


FLEX Program

Buenos días! Bonjour!  Our FLEX program is the Bayport-Blue Point’s second language enrichment program for students in grades 3-5.  The acronym stands for “Foreign Language Experience” and affords students a chance to explore the basics of Spanish and French in a non-threatening atmosphere.  The goal is to expose students to other languages and cultures, and to help them make connections to English, thereby expanding their English vocabulary as they learn words in other languages.  Students enjoy learning Spanish and French and are encouraged to interact and use other languages for basic communication.  Students learn Spanish and French through a variety of interactive and engaging activities such as singing songs, playing board games, and puppet play in the target language.  This program is primarily oral/aural and lays the foundation for the formal study of world languages at the secondary level.  Please email Sally Miller, the district-wide FLEX teacher, with any questions.  She can be reached at


Science Fair

Blue Point Elementary School’s annual Science Fair takes place in the spring. It is designed to create a spark in students about science, and an appreciation for how important science is in our everyday lives. The Blue Point Gymnasium is transformed into an exhibition hall.  Throughout the school day the students view and share their projects.  Judges come to evaluate the projects and select winners to represent Blue Point Elementary School at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair!   After school, from 3:30-4:30, the students explain their research and their projects to visitors and find out which projects were selected for Brookhaven.  In addition to our school fair, SEED hosts an All-district Celebration of Science.  Our 5th grade students, as well as our Kindergarten through 4th grade winners from the Blue Point Elementary School Fair, will have their projects on display for friends and family members to see.  



Mr. Selvaggio and Mr. Meehan always plan fun games and activities for afterschool intramurals.  They are once a week for 4th and 5th graders from 3:30pm - 4:30pm.  All participants must adhere to all the guidelines and expectations that are held during regular PE classes. Please be advised that there is no nurse here during those hours and all children in need of medical assistance will be sent home.  Please be sure that there is an adult available at all times to pick up your child in case of an emergency.  Also, please note that the crossing guard is off duty when intramurals is over.  

4th grade:  Please text @4thboe to 81010 to sign up for our REMIND service

5th grade:  Please text @5thpbe to 81010 to sign up for our REMIND service 

Banana Splits

Mrs. Yonick, the Elementary Social Worker, runs a 10 week Banana Splits program for children whose parents are divorced, separated, or no longer together.  The group’s goal is to provide a safe place to express feelings and to normalize feelings through sharing.  The program takes place during the winter months, usually from November through February.


Peer Leader Club


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