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Summer Hours Letter


Kimberly Neumeyer, RN
Office:  631-472-7800 ext. 5050
Fax:  631-472-7814


NYS Mandated Physicals:
Every incoming 9th and 11th grade student in the district is required by law to have a physical examination and updated immunizations by a qualified physician.  This requirement can be met by having your child examined by your family physician or the school physician.  It would be wise to have your family physician or pediatrician examine your child, at which time he could give any necessary immunizations.

If you wish to fax a copy of your doctor’s physical and immunizations for your child, please fax to the High School at 631-472-7814 Attn: Nurse Neumeyer.  

NYS requires that all 9th and 11th graders have these forms submitted by the second week of school.  If you could please submit these as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  


All incoming 12th grade students MUST HAVE proof of having been given their Meningococcal vaccine in order to attend school.

•   Students entering Grade 12 in 2019 must have either:

- 2 doses of meningococcal vaccine with the booster dose given on or after age 16.
- 1 dose, if your child’s first dose was given on or after age 16.

New York State law requires parents/guardians to give the school an immunization record that shows their child has received or has appointment(s) to receive the required vaccine(s) in order to attend school.  This record may be from a health care provider, health department or an official immunization record from the child's former school. The record must include:

1. Name of the vaccine.
2. Date vaccine given.
3. Who gave the vaccine along with their title; or where it was given if at a clinic.

If not already submitted, we would like this information by Monday, June 17, 2019.  Please contact your health care provider to make sure your child has what they need to attend school this fall.

Requirements to Participate in Sports:
Any student participating in School Sports must have a current physical on file along with the Pre-participation physical evaluation medical history form attached.   


If athlete’s physical is more than 30 days from start of sports, the Sport Medical Update Form needs to be submitted.


Medication in School:
Students requiring medication during the school day must have parental/guardian permission and a doctor’s order.  This includes all medications including over the counter medications. 



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