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School Rules

In order to create an atmosphere where students will devleop integrity, respect, and the love of learning, all members of the academic community are expected to play their part in fulfilling the following expectations:

General rules

1. Show respect to all members of the Academy Street Family.

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times, unless playing an organized game supervised by adults.

3. When in the hallway, always show you best. Use inside voices. Walk, don't run. Stay to the right when traveling in the hallway.

Cafeteria Rules

1. When entering the cafeteria or lining up for hot lunch, students are expected to use inside voices.

2. Students are expected to clean up after themselves and throw away all garbage.

3. Students are expected to remain seated at all times, unless given permission to get up.

Playground Rules

1. Play fighting or "horse play" is not permitted.

2. The use of appropriate language is expected at all times. No name-calling or inappropriate gestures.

3. When recess ends, students are expected to immediately line up and be prepared to enter the hallway.

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