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Parent Information

Attendance & Punctuality

Excused (legal) absences from school consist of:
Illness, Court appearance, Doctor's Appointment, Death in Family, Religious Observance.

Unexcused (illegal) absences consist of any other reason a child is out of school while school is in session. Family vacations are unexcused (illegal) absences.

When a child misses school for legal or illegal reasons, it is considred a day of absence.

Your child's consistent presence in school is essential in order to provide effective instruction. Children missing school due to illness is inevitable,however, please make every effort to plan doctor/dentist appointments, family events, and vacations around the school calendar.
If your child is sick and will not be attending school, please call 472-7850 ext 20, at any time, to report the absence. Your will be asked to provide the child's name, grade, teacher's name and reason for the absence.

Please note: New York State attendance laws require a written excuse each time a student is late or absent from school. Please include child's name, grade teacher, date(s) and reason for absence/lateness.


Children are welcome to celebrate birthdays with their classmates in school. Parents are asked to bring labeled birthday goodies to the office. The district's Wellness Policy does not allow homebaked goods to be served in school. Due to several children with allergies (nuts, chocolate, dairy, etc.) please be certain to consult with your child's teacher prior to sending in any treats. PLEASE NOTE: School policy prohibits the distribution of party invitations in school or on school grounds.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued at the end of each marking period during the school year. Please refer to the school calendar for specific dates.

Lost & Found

To minimize the loss of clothing and personal belongings, all items brought to school should be labeled with the child's name and class. Lost and found items are placed in a large bin located inside the west side entrance. Items remaining in the bin at the end of the school year are donated to charity.


Students may purchase lunch for $2.85. Milk is sold for $0.40. Sending exact change is extremely helpful. Please consider sending lunch money in a small self sealing plastic bag or envelope, especially in primary grades.


Homework is considered an integral part of your child's education. The amount, nature and duration of assignments will vary by grade. Board of Education policy/district guidelines regarding homework are:

Grades K-3 No more than one hour

Grades 4-5 No more than two hours

Homework assignments during a child's illness are available through the main office after the second day of illness and after 3:30. Many teachers arrange homework buddies at the beginning of the year which are helpful in the event of a brief half and/or one day absence. In the event of serious illness or accident, a student may be elgible for home instruction, if absence will exceed two weeks. A doctor's note is required. Please contact the school nurse or Mrs. Vann with any questions.

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