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10 Tips for Middle School Success

1. Sleep Well. Teens and young adults should be getting 8 to 10 hours per night. Enough sleep is critical for your body and brain to function well.



2. Eat Right. Healthy and balanced meals give your body and mind energy to work well throughout the day. Take extra time and effort to make sure you’re not only eating enough but, eating a mix of everything you need (fruits, veggies, dairy and, whole grains).



3. Do your homework. Making it a habit to do your homework each night will help you practice skills and be ready for quizzes/tests. You should expect more homework to be assigned each night. If you do not complete your homework assignments on time, you will be assigned detention to complete the assignment during your recess.



4. Stay organized. A little organization goes a LONG way in middle school. Having a system to keep track of assignments, due dates and keeping pages in the right order will help you study, turn in work and, do better on tests/quizzes.



5. Google Classroom. Middle school students have their own Chromebook to use. Using it on a daily basis to check google classroom will help you complete assignments on time.



6. Study. Establish a consistent study routine to help you earn the best score possible on quizzes/tests and help reduce stress. Reviewing notes and creating/reviewing flashcards as a part of your nightly routine will help eliminate last-minute cram sessions.



7. Ask for help. Whether it is academic, social, or emotional help, there are adults at St. Dominic ready and willing to help you! Seek out and ask for help when you feel you might need it.



8. Get involved. Research shows that school involvement can be a big determining factor for your success. Students who are involved with after-school activities, sports, and clubs are more likely to do well inside and outside of school.



9. Make goals. Give yourself something that you want to attain by the end of the trimester. Then, make a plan and stick with it to get there.



10. Stay positive. Keep a positive mindset and know that you CAN do whatever you put your mind to!


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