Sylvan Avenue Takes the Worldwide Kindness Challenge

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School Students thumbnail240685
Sylvan Avenue Elementary School Students thumbnail240686

Students enrolled at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School know what kindness feels like. The school took the worldwide Kindness Challenge, along with 36 thousand schools and 19 million students worldwide.

During the week of Jan. 23-27, the students checked off on a list the many acts of kindness they performed, such as holding the door for someone, smiling at 25 people, including a peer at recess, etc. They also filled out compliments on heart-shaped construction paper. Additionally, the third grade peer leaders collected school donations for Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center.

During an assembly to introduce the program, social worker Sarah Post told the students, “One quick moment of kindness can make you feel so good.”

Date Added: 1/30/2023