Students Learn Real-Life Skills in Economics Course

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Students Learning in The Classroom thumbnail209559

Gone are the days when students gleaned their knowledge primarily from textbooks. In Katina Cokinos’ economics class at Bayport-Blue Point High School, seniors are learning how to navigate the real world through their recently acquired knowledge of world and personal finance, retirement and retirement accounts, saving, spending, budgeting and so much more.

This month, the seniors learned the importance of writing an effective cover letter. After discussing what should be included in a cover letter, types of cover letters and what makes them effective and ineffective, the students were put to the task of writing one.

“Submitting a cover letter for every job you apply for is crucial,” Ms. Cokinos told the class. “The cover letter sets you apart and demonstrates your work ethic.”

In Goggle Classroom, students uploaded a cover letter template and wrote a letter as they applied to a fictional position as a retail sales associate, a pizzeria hostess, babysitter or for a position in a warehouse.

The economics class is mandatory for seniors. In addition to learning about supply and demand, economic systems, an introduction to economic theory and current economic events, students have explored personal finance, cryptocurrency, social media and its effects on spending and personal finance strategies.

Date Added: 1/18/2022