Academy Street Students Recognize World Down Syndrome Day

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Academy Street Elementary School fifth grade students learned about Down syndrome from guest speaker James Higgins, who is teacher Laura Higgins’ brother. As a prelude to World Down Syndrome Day, held on March 21, James visited the students with the message that even though he is different, he can still accomplish most of the tasks that he sets out to do.

“Even though people are different, they are all the same because they are people,” Ms. Higgins explained.

The students first watched a brief video about Down syndrome and learned that it is not a disease, but merely the addition of a chromosome at birth. James explained he is a big sports fan, just like many of the students, and is a Disney World “expert.”

The students then worked with their buddies on an art project in which they decorated construction paper hands with information about themselves. The hands hang on a bulletin board to recognized World Down Syndrome Day on March 21.

Date Added: 3/21/2023