Cereal Challenge Illustrates Domino Effect of Kindness

Cereal boxes set up in the gym in a psiral thumbnail243935
Students looking at cereal boxes in the gym thumbnail243936
Cereal boxes having fallen like dominos in the gym thumbnail243937
Dressed in various shades of green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Sylvan Avenue Elementary School students and faculty gathered in the gymnasium for the school’s first Great Domino Cereal Challenge. The activity was designed to demonstrate that being kind can start a chain reaction and was part of the school’s Great Kindness Challenge launched in January.

Students who donated a box of cereal received a shamrock on which they wrote a message of kindness to be attached to the breakfast food. Andrew Oldenbuttel of Northport’s Stop & Shop also donated 50 boxes of cereal.

The boxes were then set-up in the gymnasium like dominoes, surrounding a pot of gold. After fifth grader Colleen C. performed an Irish Step Dance number around the cereal boxes, she tipped one of the boxes to set off the domino effect. The students screamed in delight as the boxes fell perfectly and resulted in the pot of gold to spring gold confetti.

Principal Ms. Dugan said, “I couldn’t be prouder of all of your efforts to be kind.”

The 306 donated boxes of cereal were distributed to Angels of Long Island, Lighthouse Mission, Our Lady of the Snow and Sayville Food Pantry.

Date Added: 3/21/2023