Sylvan Avenue Students Celebrate History

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In preparation for Presidents Day and in recognition of Black History Month, Sylvan Avenue Elementary School students completed projects that reinforced their understanding of key points in American history.

Using books, websites and videos in their research, fifth grade students acquired information on all 46 presidents of the United States. They included in their reports information and key facts, including the First Lady, the vice president, political party, major accomplishments, challenges of their presidency and other general information. Their reports now hang in the Hall of Presidents for peers and faculty to learn about these American leaders.

Additionally, fifth graders researched and wrote about Black Americans who contributed to the nation’s history. Each report included a quote from their researched subject, which was then interpreted. The reports also included information on the figure’s occupation, a character trait to describe them, information on their early life, accomplishments and challenges. The reports were then “stitched” together to make a colorful and informative Black History quilt.

Universal Prekindergarten students also studied presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The district’s youngest students watched biographies on the classroom’s Whiteboard and discussed their historical figures’ accomplishments. In their learning stations, the students then listened to instructions on how to craft both presidents using construction paper, glue and scissors, which helped them to develop their fine motor skills.

Date Added: 2/21/2023