Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA)



  • Since the 2009-10 school year, the state has deducted from our school district’s state aid allocation an amount now known as the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) to help the state fill its revenue shortfall. Since its inception, the GEA has reduced our state aid by almost $7 Million. The state must stop shifting its costs to local school districts. Today the Governor boasts of surpluses, yet the GEA remains in place. The proposed budget includes plans to slightly reduce the GEA, but it’s not enough. The time to act is now.

  • Districts have been coping with the cumulative impact of four consecutive years of state aid losses resulting from the GEA. The net impact has been detrimental to students in the form of cuts in personnel, programs and services as well as the depletion of district reserves. We need to take action to ensure we receive the funding we deserve.

    Please join our campaign to end the GEA. The following links provide additional information about this topic.

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