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Bond Updates


Summer 2016 Projects

SED Submission: Feb. 2016 
Construction Start: July 2016 
Construction Complete: Nov. 2016 

  • HS Replace Corridor Lockers 
  • HS Masonry Reconstruction 
  • HS Reskin Admin Wing 
  • HS Repair at New Gym 
  • HS VCT 
  • HS Soffit at Auditorium 
  • HS Synthetic Turf Fields 
  • BP Replace Slate Roofing 
  • BP Replace North Landing/Ramp Alts. 

Summer 2017 Projects

SED Submission: Sept. 2016 
Construction Start: June 2017 
Construction Complete: Sept. 2017 

  • MS Additional Parking 
  • MS Replace Damaged Walks/Curbs 
  • MS Repair Damaged Paving 
  • MS Add Drainage at Center Island
  • MS Add Walk at West Side 
  • SA Additional Parking Lot Lighting 
  • SA Expand Parking
  • SA Repair Damaged Paving
  • SA Sealcoat Stripe Asphalt Play Areas
  • SA Replace Damaged Walks/Curbs 

Summer 2018 Projects

SED Submission: Sept. 2017 
Construction Start: June 2018
Construction Complete: Sept. 2018 

  • HS Security Vestibule
  • MS Renovate Science Labs 
  • MS Renovate Library 
  • MS Renovate Home & Careers CR 
  • MS Renovate Main Gym
  • MS Security Vestibule  
  • MS Security Vestibule 
  • AS Security Vestibule 
  • AS Replace Gym Floor 
  • AS Upgrade Damaged Wind Balances 
  • SA Security Vestibule
  • SA Replace Curtain Wall
  • SA Security Vestibule
  • BP Renovate Main Office
  • BP Security Vestibule
  • BP Add Safety Railings in Aud./Gym
  • BP Add Center Rail @ Gym Stair
  • BP Replace Rooftop Gravity Fans
  • BP Fresh Air To Speech 120
  • BP Guardian Gas Protection
  • BP Attic Exhaust/Relief Air System
  • BP Heat in Library Book Room
  • BP Replace Boiler Room Condensate
  • BP Emergency Shower Eye Wash
  • BP Replace Galvanized Piping
  • BP Security Vestibule

Summer 2019 Projects

SED Submission: Sept. 2018 
Construction Start: June 2019
Construction Complete: Sept. 2019 

  • HS Renovate Library 
  • HS Renovate Science Labs 
  • HS Renovate Tech/Ed Space 
  • HS Restore PE Lockers 
  • HS Corridor Between Audit. & Add. 
  • HS Recapture Rm. 327 as CR  
  • HS Exterior Gym Door Leak 
  • HS Repair to Plaster Walls 
  • HS Replace Interior Doors 
  • HS Replace Kitchen Serving Doors 
  • HS Replace Art/Custodial Windows 
  • HS EIFS at Auditorium 
  • HS Add Handrails to Main Entry 
  • HS (5) Exhasut Fans 
  • HS Chemical Storage Ventilation 
  • HS Guardian Gas Detection
  • HS Ventilation at Power Equip. Rm. 
  • HS Repair Boiler Leaks 
  • HS Locker Room Ventilation
  • HS Rooftop Ductwork Insulation 
  • HS A/C & Dehumid. Weight Rm. 
  • HS Emergency Shower Eye Wash 
  • HS Isolation Valves Hot H2O Tank 
  • HS Floor Drains at Science Rms. 
  • HS Provide Additional PA Speakers 
  • HS Assit. Listening System 
  • HS Area of Rescue Systems 
  • HS Smoke Detectors in Attic 
  • HS Upgrade Audit. Sound System 
  • HS Additional Corridor Receptacles 
  • HS Perm. Sound System @ Gyms 
  • HS Sound System for Cafeteria 
  • HS Replace Copper Cabling 
  • HS Fiber Optic WAN
  • HS Access to Admin. Tlts. From Outside 
  • HS Repair Damaged Pavement 
  • HS Repair Damaged Walks/Curbs 
  • MS Replace Generator 
  • MS Renovate Auditorium
  • MS Renovate Music Rooms 
  • MS Renovate Boys Locker Room 
  • MS Cafeteria Windows 
  • MS Convert Shops to STEAM Lab 
  • MS Renovate Nurse’s Office
  • MS Replace Window System 
  • MS Replace Wood Spandrel Panels 
  • MS Safety Glass at Stair Doors 
  • MS Replace Cafeteria Ext. Doors 
  • MS Reset Slate Capstones 
  • MS Guardian Gas Detection 
  • MS Roof Leak Near Chimney 
  • MS Refurbish Uvs 
  • MS Replace Ductwork Insul. At Gym 
  • MS Controls at Audit., Main Office, Library 
  • MS Repair Boys’ Showers 
  • MS Emergency Shower Eye Wash 
  • MS Area of Rescue System 
  • MS Upgrade PA System 
  • MS Upgrade Auditorium House Light. 
  • MS Update Theatrical Dimming System 
  • MS Replace auditorium Sound System 
  • MS New Rubberized Track 
  • MS Add Tennis Courts 
  • AS Renovate Library
  • AS Replace Closet Doors 
  • AS Mag Holders at Gym Corridors Doors 
  • AS Replace Wire Glass 
  • AS Replace Boiler Rm. Door and Frame 
  • AS Replace Interior Doors
  • AS Return Air Grilles at Stage 
  • AS Guardian Gas Detection 
  • AS Exhaust Fans 
  • AS Rebalance HVAC at Office Area 
  • AS Basement Dehumidification Units 
  • AS Tie Microtech to DDC System 
  • AS Replace Steel Boiler 
  • AS Emergency Shower Eye Wash 
  • AS Add a Hallway Drinking Fountain 
  • AS Replace Domestic Water Heater 
  • AS Properly Ground Gym Lighting 
  • AS Add Battery Back Up to PA System 
  • AS Additional Exterior Lighting 
  • AS Additional 20-Amp Circuit for Office 
  • AS Fire Alarm Replacement 
  • AS Additional Parking 
  • AS Repair Damaged Paving 
  • AS Replace Damaged Walks 
  • AS Resurface Tennis Courts 
  • SA Convert Girls' Locker to Work Room
  • SA Expand Library
  • SA Replace Wire Glass
  • SA Replace Kitchen Doors to Cafeteria
  • SA Reverse Swing of Boiler Room Door
  • SA Replace Vinyl Wall Covering @ Gym
  • SA Sand & Re-Finish Floor
  • SA Portable Wheelchair Lift
  • SA Exhaust Fans
  • SA Guardian Gas Detection
  • SA Repair Roof Leaks @ Exhaust Units
  • SA Repair/replace (2) circualtor pumps
  • SA Split A/C Units at Front Wing
  • SA Replace 2nd Fl Uvs & Add DDC Cont.
  • SA Emergency Shower Eye Wash
  • SA Mixing Valve or Water Heater Kitch.
  • SA Properly Ground Gym Lighting
  • SA Upgrade PA System in Gym
  • SA Area of Rescue System
  • SA Replace Simplex FA Panel/Upgrade
  • SA Cloth Covered Wiring
  • SA Repair Gym Storage Lighting Contr.
  • SA Replace Asphalt Play Area & Walk 
  • BP Restore Masonry at Original Building
  • BP Replace Easst Side Windows
  • BP Replace West 1954/63 Windows
  • BP Replace Gym Windows
  • BP Replace Corridor Windows
  • BP Reconstruction @ Modular Bldg.
  • BP Portable Wheelchair Lift
  • BP Upgrade Simplex PA/Intercom Syst.
  • BP Permanent Sound System Cafeteria
  • BP Replace 3 Electrical Panels
  • BP Add Parking
  • BP Replace Damaged Paving 
  • BP Replace Damaged Walks/Curbs
  • BP Replace Asphalt Drive South Side
  • BP Sealcoat Stripe Asphalt Play Area




Bayport-Blue Point Eagle