History for Hire

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Academy Street Elementary School fifth-graders brought a wide variety of historical figures to life as they participated in the building’s “History for Hire” wax museum.

Leading up to the event, the students read biographies and gathered research on individuals who had historical importance in the Western Hemisphere. They synthesized their research and employed their writing skills by creating a resume for that person, highlighting their particular skill sets and qualifications. On the day of the event, the students dressed as the individual and remained still until “activated” by a visitor to their station. Acting in their character’s role, they petitioned for jobs tailored to the areas that made them famous.

In addition to the important historical and literary lessons involved, the event served as a fundraiser, as visitors made monetary donations at each student’s station to benefit Inclusive Sports and Fitness Inc. ISF provides skilled therapeutic services to maximize a child’s ability to engage in sports and recreational activities.