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Video Introduction:

2016-2017 Goals for Connections:

  • Goal: Strengthen the relationships between and among students, parents, staff, superintendent, Board of Education and community.
  • Evidence of Success
    • Create structures to support the social, emotional and academic development of all students.
    • Establish a platform to strengthen communication between the school and home.
    • Establish a platform to strengthen communication between the district and its employees.
    • Enhance communication with community members who don’t have students active in the school system.
    • Explore a community service requirement for graduation.

2015-2016 Indicators of Success

  • Offered moving and meaningful presentation by Shadrack Boakye for entire staff and high school student body with the support of the Neighborhood House.
  • Attendance at monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings, which has afforded students various experiences including Job Shadow Day, as well as the third annual Phantom Challenge. This experience affords students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Continued work with the SEED Foundation to create programs such as the annual Science Fair.
  • Strengthened relationship with Bob Venero at Future Tech, which has resulted in the Introduction to Computer Science course in a modernized classroom with a server donated by Michael Dell, as well as an AP Computer Science course.
  • Worked closely with the 5th Precinct, which resulted in a community presentation of “The Ugly Truth,” classroom visits from police officers, and the placement of an additional crossing guard at the corner of Nicholls Road and Montauk Highway.
  • Introduced an additional social worker to the district.
  • Introduced the Peer Education Program, which allows high school students to work with middle school and elementary students to promote a message of acceptance and support for one another.
  • Healthy relationship fostered with various political members including Sen. Phil Boyle, Legislator William J. Lindsay III, Councilman Neil Foley and Sen. Thomas Croci, all of whom will readily answer phones calls and offer their support, whether it is for a donation to the STEAM lab, supporting efforts to eliminate the GEA or addressing traffic concerns.


2015-2016 Goals for Connections:

  • Strengthen the relationships between and amongst students, parents, faculty, and community.


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September 21, 2017