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 Ms. Diana Ketcham


Letter from the Principal

Dear Blue Point Families,

We are happy to welcome spring and all of the special school events that come along with it!  On behalf of our faculty and staff, I would like to thank PTA for leading our Parents as Reading Partners program, and encouraging our students and families to enjoy the pleasures of reading together.  We appreciate all that our PTA does for our students and school.  This year PARP will run for the first two weeks in May.

As a continuation of our reading celebration, PTA has sponsored a visit with author Ryan SanAngelo.  Our students and teachers are very excited about this upcoming event! His books are available for purchase. Authors and Artists Night will take place on Thursday evening, May 14th, which will bring PARP near its finale.

Congratulations and recognition goes out to all of the Blue Point students who recently participated in our Science Expo. The projects and demonstrations were quite impressive and a number of students’ work moved on to Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Congratulations to all our participants!

As you may know, we are in the midst of the NYS Assessments.  We have completed ELA, and are preparing for Math and Science. We thank you for all of the support you provide at home. We encourage your child to get a good night’s rest and eat a hearty breakfast in preparation for the following assessment dates:

Grade 3-5
April 22-24
Grade 4
Science Performance
May 20

Science Written
June 1

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events at Blue Point:

  • April 24 -  The Third Annual BBP-Athlon, 9:00am @ Blue Point Elementary School
  • May 1   -   Blue Point Idol, 7:00pm @ JWY Middle School
  • May 7   -   Mother’s Day Plant Sale
  • May 20  -  Hot Dog for a Guide Dog Dinner, 6:00pm @ Blue Point Elementary School Cafeteria
  • May 21  -  Spring Concert, 7:00pm @ JWY Middle School
  • June 5   -  Field Day
  • June 10 -  Cadet Concert, 9:30am @ Blue Point Elementary School Gym
  • June 23 -  Kindergarten Graduation, 10:00am @ Blue Point Elementary School Gym
  • June 25 -  5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony, 1:30pm @ BBP High School Auditorium
  • June 26 -  Last Day of School

Thank you as always for your ongoing support of our school! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Diana Ketcham and Staff





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