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Using Math and Literacy to Mark 100th Day

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Blue Point Elementary School kindergarten and first-grade students in the Bayport-Blue Point School District marked the 100th day of school by conducting a variety of hands-on mathematical exercises and literacy projects. The students and teachers had a full-day celebration, complete with arts and crafts projects, mathematical counting exercises and several tasks centered on the number 100.

Dressed to look like they were 100 years old, the school’s first-graders created necklaces out of 100 pieces of cereal, completed projects using 100 items in commendation of the day, counted to 100 using different multiples and, with the help of their teachers, wrote essays about what they thought they would be like at the age of 100. Donning creative hats and t-shirts displaying 100 items, the kindergartners also completed several 100-themed activities, including word games and creative counting projects.

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle