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Exploring Canada

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Students enrolled in French classes at the James Wilson Young Middle School recently traveled to Québec and Montreal. The four-day annual trip allows aims to expand the students’ cultural and civic awareness, their educational growth and give them the opportunity to practice their French.

After a lengthy bus ride, the students and their advisers safely arrived in Montréal to meet their tour guide at the hotel, and then engaged in several activities including climbing Mount Royal that is located in the middle of the city, and participating in a scavenger hunt that helped them learn more about the city.     

Among the stops in their historical tours was the Plains of Abraham, where the French were defeated by the English and where the fortress ruins still exist. Students also learned how to load a musket and perform surgery on wounded soldiers as if they were on the battlefield. Additionally, they witnessed the renewal of the military barrack that was seriously damaged by fire during 10 years ago.

The group enjoyed visiting the Montmorency Falls and the Canyon at Sainte-Anne especially as they walked down the canyon on the cable bridges. They also tasted the local delicacies such as meat pies (tourtière), pickled beets and fried pork skin at the “Sugar Shack” on L’île d’Orléans.

“With all the activities that were packed into the four days, some students felt they were away for a week,” said French teacher Gilles Desrochers. “These are only a few of the fulfilling adventures, but it is safe to say that the whole experience was fulfilling, eye-opening and allowed children to either solidify existing friendships and/or create new bonds. If past trips to Quebec are any indication, these children will be talking about their experiences for many years to come.”

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