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Poetry Power

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Renowned children’s poet/author Darren Sardelli recently met with all students at Blue Point Elementary School for an informative literacy-themed assembly, sharing important tips and tricks on how to have fun with writing along the way.

Mr. Sardelli first addressed the students by asking if they were familiar with the works of both Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, to which they happily responded that they were. Additionally, he shared original lines of poetry with the students, all of which featured lines which were both creative and humorous, and encouraged the students to write their own poems when an idea struck them. 

“Write down your ideas, save ideas and do something special with your favorite idea,” said Mr. Sardelli.

At the conclusion of his presentation, students were invited into the school’s library for a workshop session in which they created original stories and poems with assistance from Mr. Sardelli. 

Mr. Sardelli is the author of the popular children’s book “Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie,” and has had his poems published in a number of other of children’s poetry collections. 
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle