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‘Exploring’ the rainforest

‘Exploring’ the rainforest Pic 1 thumbnail76809
Fifth-grade students in Stacey Loeffler’s and Krysta Sidoti’s classes at Blue Point Elementary School recently interacted with Dr. Meg Lowman via Skype about her extensive research of rainforest canopies after reading “The Most Beautiful Roof in the World.”

In order to enhance the students' interviewing skills and to further their understanding of her scientific research, they were all given the opportunity to develop questions to ask Dr. Lowman.

During their conversation, the students learned how Dr. Lowman became interested in studying herbivory and what it is like to live and sleep in the rainforest. Additionally, the fifth-graders learned about the "stinging tree" that Dr. Lowman is fascinated by, and her most recent experiences working in Malaysia to protect and preserve rainforest biodiversity.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle