Dear Bayport Blue Point Faculty, Staff, and Community Members,

As you may know, our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Vincent Butera, will be leaving us at the end of the school year to pursue a new chapter in his professional career as the Superintendent of Manhasset Schools. The Board of Education wishes Dr. Butera many years of continued success as an educational leader and advocate for children. Dr. Butera will leave us with a legacy of successful endeavors, most notably the passage of a bond referendum that will change the experience of our children for many years to come. On behalf of a grateful community, we offer our thanks and appreciation for his service to our schools.

The Board of Education is responsible for recruiting a new Superintendent, one who is an instructional expert, pragmatic thinker, and focused on delivering a first class education for every child. The position calls for diversity of experience, exceptional team-building skills and the ability to manage our instructional, financial and physical resources in support of established goals. The families of Bayport-Blue Point deserve a Superintendent who will care for our children and town as if it were their own.

Fortunately, we did not have to look far. The governance team was unanimous in its decision to appoint Dr. Timothy P. Hearney as our next Superintendent of Schools. This decision was based on the years of high-quality experience, service and outcomes he has worked to deliver for the Bayport-Blue Point community. Over the past nine years, Dr. Hearney cultivated a team that improved our advanced Regents diploma rate 14%, doubled Advanced Placement offerings for students and implemented a first-class leadership curriculum. Under his direction, we have introduced the Teacher College writing initiative in our elementary schools, built a community-based school-to-business partnership and received a Blue Ribbon nomination from the New York State Department of Education. As the steward of our instructional programs, Dr. Hearney has helped us achieve at the highest levels.

We believe it is important to note that with Dr. Hearney ascending to the superintendency, the district will maintain continuity in all its initiatives. And, since he has been with us as both a principal and central office administrator, there is no learning curve for him to slow our progress. We believe that Tim is highly regarded by our staff and our families, and we look forward to him taking the reins in July.

Please join us on April 4, 2017 at 7pm in the high school cafeteria when the Board of Education will appoint Dr. Hearney.


Michael Miller, President
Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education