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Supplying Smiles

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As a part of Sylvan Avenue Elementary School’s “Virtual Field Trip to Vietnam,” students throughout the building were able to experience a week of Vietnamese culture within their classrooms in honor of Speech Pathologist’s Laurie Katz’s and Christine Monahan’s visit to the country in support of the Smile Train Organization.

The week’s activities incorporated the traditional Vietnamese sport Takraw into the student’s physical education classes, as they combined elements of volleyball, badminton and soccer into one and worked collaboratively to kick a small ball over the net in order to score points. 

Within their art classes, students were able to work on projects that reflected the culture of Vietnam. Younger students created beautiful lotus flowers, while the older students used their imaginations to make their very own Takraw jerseys. 

Additionally, students were able to explore various aspects of Vietnam such as food, landmarks, school and others within their library classes. Prior to Mrs. Katz’s and Mrs. Monahan’s trip, the students took this information and created “Travel Tips” cards for the teachers based on what they had learned.

In their music classes, students were introduced to Vietnamese instruments and learned how they are played. In addition, students watched video clips of “Vietnam’s Got Talent” and Vietnam’s version of “The Voice.”  

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School has supported the efforts of the Smile Train Organization for nine years now, and has raised over $25,000 in order to support children around the world who require cleft lip and palate surgeries. Throughout their weeklong visit to the country, Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Monahan were able to speak to the doctors who perform the surgeries, and also visit the multiple families who benefit from the district’s efforts. 

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