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Lessons in Politics

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Academy Street Elementary School students recently gained valuable insight regarding the political process as the 2016 election drew to a close.

During an assembly program with Sen. Tom Croci, the school’s fourth- and fifth-grade students learned about the life of a politician as they asked the elected official about such things as the process of becoming a senator and what qualities make for a successful candidate.

Additionally, the school’s third- through fifth-graders participated in a mock “debate.” Fifth-grade students took to the podium to represent a chosen presidential candidate and his/her running mate and spoke about their political stances on a number of issues. Leading up to the event, the students put in an extensive amount of research in order to ensure they were best prepared to present the most factual and in-depth information.

To keep everyone involved during the political themed-event, the students not only represented the candidates but also contributed to the debate moderator team, asking and brainstorming new questions to ask the “candidates.”

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle