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Order in the Court

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As an extension of their classroom lessons on social studies and English Language Arts, Academy Street Elementary School’s fifth-grade students participated in an interactive and educational program this spring called the “Trial of Goldilocks.”

The program, designed by retired lawyer Glen Vogel, called for students to take an in-depth look at the criminal justice system using the familiar tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” To enhance their understanding of the concepts discussed, the study unfolded in the form of an interactive and creative play.

The students prepared for the production during a six-week workshop, during which they submitted a persuasive essay for a desired role and practiced their reading fluency and public speaking as they perfected the script.

During the mock trial, the students dressed in costumes and sported various props as they testified on the actions that lead up to the arrest of Goldilocks. At the end, the school’s fourth-graders, who served as the jury, convened to determine if Goldilocks was guilty of the charges before her, which included criminal mischief, trespassing and petty larceny.  

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle