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Scientific Explorers

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Bayport-Blue Point School District students in kindergarten through fourth grade showcased their creativity and scientific knowledge during science fairs held at Academy Street, Blue Point and Sylvan Avenue elementary schools.

Leading up to the contest, students selected a research topic of their choice and completed an experiment using the steps in the scientific method. This year’s fairs featured projects with topics such as which toothpaste has the best whitening capabilities, the buoyancy of eggs and which paper towels absorb the most oil. Winners were selected from each grade level and these students will advance to compete regionally at this year’s Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair Contest.

The district’s fifth- and sixth-graders exhibited their science projects during the SEED Foundation Celebration of Science event. Also on display during this night were the middle school and high school research students as well as demonstrations from the robotics, ecology, Science Olympiad teams and many others. The night ended with an exciting show called Marvels of Motion performed by Mad Science of Long Island.

The district congratulates the following elementary students and wishes them well at BNL:

Camryn Bruckner – “How do Rainbows Go Away?” (Sylvan)
Benjamin McInnes – “Which Brand of Battery Lasts the Longest?” (Academy)
Avery Rogers – “Gummy Experiment” (Blue Point)

First Grade:
Matthew Bachmore – “Do More Expensive Markers Last Longer?” (Academy)
Hailey Brand – “Yummy Gummy” (Sylvan)
Ian Rand – “Germs” (Blue Point)

Second Grade:
Michael Clare – “Sweet Heart” (Sylvan)
J.T. Swan – “Super Sorbents” (Blue Point)
Dom Witt – “Going the Distance” (Academy)

Third Grade:
Alyssa Ayerle – “Red Green Yellow Blue” (Sylvan)
Dylan Kleeman – “Built for Speed” (Academy)
Lillian Prince – “Where Are My Peeps” (Blue Point)

Fourth Grade:
Olivia Goldstein: “Black and White or Color” (Academy)
Brady Smith – “Greasy Chips” (Blue Point)
Taylor Space – “The Reflex” (Sylvan)

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