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Chat with Canopy Meg

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Blue Point Elementary School fifth-graders recently participated in a videoconference with Meg Lowman, a rainforest scientist they have been studying.

As part of their studies, Stacey Loeffler’s and Lori Mandell’s classes read “The Most Beautiful Roof in the World” by Kathryn Lasky. This informational text describes the work of scientists documenting the biodiversity of rainforests, specifically a case study by Ms. Lowman, a researcher of rainforest canopies.

As a follow-up to the English language arts study, the students joined a national video chat with Ms. Lowman, who is also known as “Canopy Meg.” She shared background information about herself, including how she became fascinated with studying what is happening at the tops of trees in the rainforest and her experience on the treetop walkways, as well as answered students’ questions.

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle