Today, our school district, among many others on Long Island and beyond, has been identified by the State Comptroller as being ‘susceptible’ to fiscal stress. Our district was at the low end of the Comptroller’s point scale. In large measure, our inclusion on this list is due to the fact that we utilized district fund balance – our savings, if you will – to keep tax levy increases under the tax cap. We recognize the importance of being less dependent upon our reserve funds in the future.

The fact remains that the district’s unassigned fund balance (4% of the budget total) and assigned fund balance (reserve accounts) are well-funded, as is our overall financial health. Our external auditors presented information to this extent earlier in the school year. But like all districts, we are very concerned for the future, as tax cap restrictions have completely dried up any increased revenue flow. Over time, this will likely have a serious and damaging impact on school and municipal budgets without changes in legislation, policy and funding.

For now, our district remains quite strong and well-positioned to deliver on its instructional mission in an efficient manner.