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It Is Not By Chance

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Bayport-Blue Point School District officially kicked off the 2015-16 school year on Aug. 31 with a Superintendent’s Conference Day centered on a core component of the district’s Thinking Forward initiative  — “Connections.”

In his welcome address, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vincent Butera encouraged the staff to seek out occasions to create strong connections within the school community, emphasizing how students thrive academically and socially when those connections exist.

“Given the very nature of our profession, our work affords us opportunities to change lives,” he said. “Sometimes that is done with simple acts and words that go unnoticed by everyone, but for one child, whose life is forever changed because of it.”

To exemplify the powerful ability these connections can have, keynote speaker and The Truth UTG founder, Shadrack Boakye, shared his inspirational life story with the staff. Mr. Boakye, one of a few survivors to escape war-stricken Liberia, recalled the hardships he faced after entering the United States, including not being able to read. He noted that it was not until one teacher reached out and encouraged him to build upon his strengths that he was able to overcome the adversities before him and transform into a successful young adult. Today, he is an accomplished writer, public speaker, director and performer.

“When I heard Mr. Boakye speak in February, I knew his story was one that needed to be heard by our staff and our students, for it affirms the power of our profession and the connections we foster,” said Dr. Butera. “What I did not know until just last week made it clear that nothing happens by chance. The individual who helped change the life of Shadrack was none other than our newly elected board trustee, Mrs. Gina Murphy.”

We are so grateful to our friends at the Neighborhood House for their support in helping us to bring Shadrack to BBP.


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