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A Winning Experience

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Approximately 50 Bayport-Blue Point students devoted five weeks of their summer vacation to helping 27 children from the community and surrounding area advance their fine motor and athletic skills. They accomplished this through a sports clinic run by the organization Inclusive Sports and Fitness, held at Academy Street Elementary School.

The students served as mentors to the clinic’s participants, who worked to improve their skills in soccer, golf, basketball, baseball and volleyball. Additionally, smaller groups met to learn how to paddleboard along the Great South Bay. Those students began each meeting with an introduction to the day’s activities before working in small groups to fine-tune their skills. Social time was included in the program, and each session ended with gentle meditation yoga.

Alexander Lopez, ISF founder and executive director, explained that the program brings tremendous benefits to all participants, as it builds not only their skill sets, but also their confidence. His team has studied the benefits such structured programs have on youth and has shared its research at the American Physical Therapy Association Conference.

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle