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Enriched Board Practices

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As an extension of the district’s commitment to enriching academic programs for students, the Bayport Blue Point School District regularly seeks to identify ways to improve the quality of Board of Education decisions.  

During the school year, trustees participate in school leadership workshops and training programs to further their understanding of best practices and education law. However, outside work commitments, as well as budget and time constraints, sometimes limit their access to this valuable education resource.  This year, the district worked to combat these challenges by launching a highly successful initiative they call the Continuing Trustee Education program.

“It came into being after we noticed that as part of our retainer agreement with our attorneys, they were willing to come in to the district and conduct workshops at no additional cost on topics of our choosing,” said Board President Rebecca Campbell. “We decided to take advantage of this opportunity and focused on areas that we knew would soon be appearing on our agendas; ones that would require the Board to have in depth knowledge of complicated matters.”
This year’s workshop topics have included civil service law, board governance and bond referendum development. While the trustees differ greatly in how much time they can devote to outside education, they each recognize the importance such training has on their work and have eagerly participated in the in-district sessions.

“Just like our students, we must continue to learn in order to make good decisions and stay abreast of the developments in education law,” Ms. Campbell added. “By bringing education opportunities into the district, we make them more easily available to all of us.  It’s democratic.  It works.  And it’s free!”

The Board participates in approximately three school attorney-led training programs each year.

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