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Scoring Points at Science Olympiad

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Two teams of students represented Bayport-Blue Point High School at this year’s Suffolk Regional Competition at Brentwood High School.

The A Team, consisting of 14 sophomores, juniors and seniors, narrowly missed making it to the state competition with their seventh-place finish.

The team medaled in 10 of 20 events, including:

Pete Prisinzano, Brooke Schultz and Phil Tubiolo – First Place Protein Modeling
Victoria Mercouris and Seth Valestrand – Fifth Place Air Trajectory
Victoria Mercouris and Phil Tubiolo – Fifth Place Wright Stuff
Samar Alam and Lexie Lessing – Sixth Place Anatomy
Samar Alam and Victoria Mercouris – Sixth Place Write It Do It
Pat Liu and Luke Mischo – Seventh Place Entomology
Victoria Mercouris and Brooke Schultz – Seventh Place Scrambler
Pat Liu and Emily Toy – Eighth Place Chemistry Lab
Lexie Lessing and Brooke Schultz – Eighth Place Green Generation
Luke Mischo and Brooke Schultz – Eighth Place Invasive Species
The six-member freshman team also earned several medals during the competition:

Antonio Martinez and Christian Strain – Sixth Place Game On

Frank Giacchetto, Emily Heins and Christian Strain – Seventh Place Protein Modeling

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle