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Freshmen Get Oriented

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At freshman orientation on Aug. 26, Dr. Gaurav Passi, the school’s principal, welcomed the 181 members of Bayport-Blue Point’s future Class of 2018 and introduced them to the school’s staff.

“Our goal is to give you an overview of the high school so you feel comfortable on Day 1,” said Dr. Passi, encouraging them to set goals and get involved in school activities. “Our job is to make you a successful student.”

Brian McConaghy, one of two assistant principals along with Neil Zarcone, noted that he, like the freshmen, was new to the school. McConaghy talked them through the typical school day, and spoke on various topics including schedules, lunch and lockers, graduation requirements and Regents exams, and the school’s counseling center. He also introduced guidance counselors Ronald Bard, Daniel Harrington and Susan Mullins, saying, “They are not only academic counselors but good listeners – reach out to them when you need the help.”

Class advisers Denise Kelly and Stacie Mauchan discussed how they plan student activities such as homecoming and prom. “All the things that make high school really ‘high school” are what we do,” said Kelly. “We can’t stress enough how fun it is to get involved, and how valuable for your resume,” added Mauchan. “We are looking forward to a fun four years.”

“I suggest your play a sport or join a club,” said senior representative Lizzy Geoghan, a Sportsmanship Award winner on last year’s girls tennis team and goalie for the lacrosse squad. “There’s a club for everyone and being involved is a great resume builder. Find your passion.”

Fellow senior Dylan Mittendorf, a member of band and chamber choir, also addressed the freshmen, discussing the school’s 21 various art and music activities in depth.

Field hockey goalie Meghan Smith was the last senior to speak, offering tips for success. “Get off to a good start on the first day,” she told the younger students, urging them to be organized and avoid procrastination. “While you’re going to make mistakes – everyone does – be sure to learn from them.”

In closing, Dr. Passi told his newest charges, “What is important is that you realize that what you do in high school will really set the stage for college.”

After the assembly’s conclusion, other upperclassmen volunteered to provide tours of the building for the new freshmen.

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