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Medieval Times at JWY

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James Wilson Young Middle School sixth-graders were transported back in time for a firsthand experience as part of their social studies curriculum. As a culmination to their lessons on the medieval time period, the entire grade level participated in a medieval fair this May, an event that included everything from a king and queen to a court jester. Dressed in traditional medieval clothing, the school’s sixth-graders spent the day engaging in cultural and artistic projects and celebrating their newly acquired knowledge.

Working together in their homerooms, the students fashioned authentic medieval artifacts, including regional flags, which they proudly displayed throughout the day. Additionally, they tested their memory of key vocabulary terms during a medieval bingo, were entertained by Ned the Jester, who performed traditional acts enjoyed during medieval times, and even had the chance to take part in a traditional coronation ceremony and parade.

Prior to the fair, the students spent several weeks researching and compiling information on topics from the Middle Ages and completing research projects and display boards depicting their findings. On the day of the fair, the students’ projects were put on display for their peers and family members to view.
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