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Showcasing Science

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Elementary students from throughout the district showcased their understanding of the scientific method as they completed a variety of complex research projects for this year’s school science fairs. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade selected a topic of interest to them and worked to prove a hypothesis. Projects submitted to this year’s fairs covered topics including “Which Bread Gets Moldy the Fastest” and “Does Caffeine Effect a Plant’s Growth.”

As a special component to the Science Quest fair held at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School, high school science students conducted hands-on demonstrations incorporating several science themes. Additionally, the class that had the highest participation rate – Sara Desmond’s first-grade class – was awarded a special in-class program by Mad Science, an educational group of scientists that conducts hands-on workshops for students.  

In addition to showcasing their work during day and evening school fairs, the buildings’ third- through fifth-graders were invited to showcase their projects during the Celebration of Science event hosted by the BBP SEED Foundation. The event, held at Bayport-Blue Point High School, also featured projects completed by the district’s middle and high school students as well as an interactive performance of “The Marvels of Motion, Physics and Forces” by Mad Science.

This year’s school winners will advance to compete in the annual Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair. The district congratulates the following first-place winners as well as the honorable mentions:

Academy Avenue Elementary School:
Hannah Munno – Kindergarten
Brenna Hassett – First Grade
Shannon Kroog/Julia Kroog – Second Grade
Sean Nolan – Third Grade
Grace Witt – Fourth Grade
Marianna Vlachos – Fifth Grade

Honorable Mentions:
Dominick Witt – Kindergarten
Sophia McInnes – First Grade
Alexandra Vlachos – Second Grade
Jesse Munno – Third Grade
Norah Fryer – Third Grade
Alysia Spencer – Fourth Grade
Katelyn Tirado – Fifth Grade

Blue Point Elementary School:
J.T. Swan – Kindergarten
Brendan Mattimore – First Grade
Matthew Tucci – Second Grade
Julia Powers – Third Grade
Anthony Russo – Fourth Grade
Cecily Phua – Fifth Grade

Honorable Mentions:
Connor Powers – Kindergarten
Cole Gibson – Second Grade
Lucas Becher – Third Grade
Jameson Smith – Fourth Grade
Frankie Russo – Fifth Grade

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School:
Michael Clare – Kindergarten
Alexa Damiano – First Grade
Jon luca Cortese – Second Grade
Erin McMahon – Third Grade
Jenna Vazquez – Fourth Grade
Connor Spencer – Fifth Grade

Honorable Mentions:
Alexander Reyes – Kindergarten
Gabriel Keeley – First Grade
Chris Van Dood – Second Grade
Madeline Jensen – Second Grade
William Casey – Third Grade
Emma Young – Fourth Grade
Tristan Reese – Fifth Grade
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle