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Educating Peers Against Destructive Decisions

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As part of this year’s Red Ribbon Week, Bayport-Blue Point High School students and staff members participated in a number of activities focused on the importance of making good decisions.

During the weeklong program, which was organized by the SADD Club, red ribbons were tied around the large trees lining the front of the high school. Students were invited to sign a pledge against drinking and drugs and informational posters were placed throughout the school to inform readers of the staggering statics tied to drinking and driving. A wrecked car from a drunk driving accident was stationed on the school’s front lawn throughout the week and the program concluded with the building’s annual Grim Reaper Day.

Throughout this day, students were chosen at random by a student Grim Reaper to have their faces painted white and appear as ghosts – a symbolic way of representing the alarming statistic of how often a life is lost in a drunk driving accident. After being selected, these students refrained from speaking for the remainder of the day and sat out during physical education classes to drive home the important message.  

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle