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Inspiring Creativity During Open House

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Rather than just learning about the curriculum their children will be studying this year, parents at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School in the Bayport-Blue Point School District had the chance to experience a taste of it during this year’s open house.

Art teacher Carly Gayer illustrated how art classes are conducted by leading and instructing parents in an adapted version of a first-grade art project. Parents learned about landscape, drew silhouettes and observed as Ms. Gayer demonstrated the painting process using primary colors to make a sunset/sunrise colored sky.

“This was a great interactive open house experience that enabled parents to see firsthand what their children experience in art class,” said Ms. Gayer. “They learned about art history, the interdisciplinary links we make to science and literacy, some art vocabulary and the process. It was a memorable night for me and the families.”  

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle