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New Year, New Schools

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The halls of Bayport-Blue Point High School were filled with students well before the first bell of the new school year rang. On one of the last days of summer vacation, the district welcomed the incoming Class of 2017 and provided a summer orientation program to ease the transition from middle school to high school.

The program began in the auditorium, where the students were given a glimpse at what life is like at Bayport-Blue Point High School as members of the school’s administration, faculty and student body delivered welcome addresses and discussed school practices, procedures and extracurricular opportunities.

In his remarks, Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi stressed the importance of setting goals for both the long and short term, as well as the need to get involved. “High school is what you make of it,” he said. “There is so much our school offers, and I encourage you to challenge yourself – both academically and otherwise – and make the most out of all the opportunities you are afforded.”  

Assistant Principal Robert Haas spoke about the various courses offered at the high school, how to read the class schedules and the valuable resources found in the counseling center. Also present during the program were freshman class adviser Emiliy Eckstrum and a panel of upperclassmen who provided a student’s perspective on various aspects of school life.

After receiving updated copies of their schedules, the freshmen were led by upperclassman volunteers on small-group tours of the building. The tours allowed students to locate their classrooms and key common areas and practice opening their lockers. Over a pizza lunch, they eagerly met up with old friends, compared schedules and shared stories about their summer vacations.

In a similar program, James Wilson Young Middle School sixth-graders had the chance to visit their new school and practice something most new middle school students fear the most – opening their lockers. During the building’s summer locker tryout day, the incoming students practiced opening their assigned lockers multiple times and had the chance to unpack the school supplies they will need for the first day.

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