Winning Experiments

With projects aimed at uncovering facts about products, from ones used every day to those of a more globally significant nature, more than 100 Blue Point Elementary School students showcased their clear understanding of the scientific method when they entered this year’s school science fair. Developing their ideas around a topic of their choice, the students worked for several weeks to prove or disprove their hypotheses and collect data to coincide with their findings. Once their results were finalized, they created colorful poster boards displaying their research for all science fair visitors to examine.  

“The Science Fair Committee would like to congratulate all of the participants in our 2013 Science Fair,” stated Caitlin Cregan, a speech therapist at Blue Point and chairperson of the Science Fair Committee. “It was obvious that each of the students put a great deal of effort into their project, and the results were outstanding.”  

A panel of judges reviewed each of the projects submitted and selected the following to represent Blue Point at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Science Fair on May 4.

Brendan Matimore (Kindergarten) – “Bubble Bubble”
Quinn Carroll (First grade) – “How Greasy Is Your Favorite Chip?”
Julia Powers (Second grade) – “Aging Apples”
Juliana Stafford (Third Grade) – “The Discovery of Household Products’ Effects on P.eople’s O.utput of O.rganic P.roducts”
Cecily Phua (Fourth grade) – “Capping Kids Out”
Audrey Saroka (Fifth grade) – “Have You Heard?”