A Thank You from Overseas

Blue Point Elementary School students have been engaging in meaningful, character-building community service projects throughout the year, and since the late fall, three classes have been working to spread their generosity overseas to a local soldier serving in the Air Force. Book buddies from Mary Magee’s first-grade class and fourth-graders from Ashley Olmstead and Ashley Silvering’s class teamed up with second-graders in Linda Rubacka’s class to create care packages and write letters to Staff Sgt. Patrick Williamson during his five-month deployment in Afghanistan.

“Connecting with our English language arts curriculum, we spoke with the students about the letter-writing process,” stated Ms. Rubacka. “The project gave them a sense of purpose and was the perfect way for them to see a real-world application of the lessons they are learning in the classroom.”

Upon returning to the United States for leave, Mr. Williamson visited with the students to thank them for their kind efforts and let them know that the packages made him feel as though he had a part of home with him during his deployment. He also shared a bit about his work with the armed forces and how important it is to give thanks to service men and women