Students Keep the ‘Kin-ship’ Alive and Well

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In an effort to combine robust physical activity with meaningful collaboration, students from Bayport-Blue Point High School are currently participating in games of “Kin-Ball” in their physical education classes. 

Split into multiple teams of small groups, the students work among their teammates to serve a large inflatable ball toward their opponents. The rules of the game are simple as each team is only required to catch and control the ball before it touches the ground. In order to score points, the team serving the ball must successfully hit it toward an area where their opponents have minimal chance of catching it. Throughout the duration of the game, students are in constant interaction with one another, as they devise quick strategies and game plans in order to accumulate as many points as possible. 

According to the company Omnikin’s official website, “Kin-Ball” was invented in Quebec in 1987, and is recognized as the only organized cooperative sport in the world. In addition to being fun, the activity is used in programs to fight childhood obesity and bullying in schools.