Judicial System Experts

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After studying the judicial system in the classroom setting, fifth grade students at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently connected fairy tales to a real-life courtroom scenario during their annual production of “The Goldilocks Trial.” 

Prior to the scheduled performances, the gymnasium was transformed into a mock courtroom, and parents were welcomed to attend as their children took on important roles in order to come to a verdict regarding the defendant, Goldilocks herself.

The participating students garnered valuable information pertaining to how a courtroom operates, along with its key components, as they took part in the defense and prosecution. Additionally, they enhanced their public speaking skills as they presented their testimonies to all in attendance. At the conclusion of the performance, the fourth graders serving as members of the jury weighed in on the facts and came to a verdict based on what they had witnessed before them. 

Some of the fairy-tale characters on hand to testify included Chicken Little, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf. 

The district would like to thank Glen Vogel, P.E., Esq. and Lizette Frielingsdorf for their help in teaching students about the judicial system and for coordinating these dazzling performances throughout the day.