Science is EnLiGHTening in Fifth Grade!

The fifth grade students of Blue Point Elementary School became light experts during Science this trimester. Both fifth grade classes combined allowing the children the opportunity to work with every fifth grade teacher in small groups throughout this unit. The students even switched classrooms to simulate a middle school experience!

In a darkened library transformed into a Science laboratory, the students used a light source to perform experiments with white and colored light with Mrs. Mandell and Mrs. Loeffler. Mrs. Kleiber provided instruction on using a protractor and measuring angles to prepare the students to measure angles of reflection in the lab. Ms. Benedict reviewed and reinforced important vocabulary so the students had the background knowledge to understand the major concepts of reflection, refraction and dispersion.

The students were given opportunities to ask questions, make observations, manipulate materials, and think logically just like scientists do. It was also wonderful for the students to share common experiences while reading, speaking, and listening to others about what they were learning. Math was strongly integrated into this unit of study allowing the students to apply mathematical concepts within the context of a science experience. We hope that when the students reflect upon this experience they have only illuminating memories!